By becoming a member of the Greek community you will be opening a door to wonderful opportunities. Greek organizations offer students not only lifelong friendships, but a chance to develop their leadership potential and participate in community service. There14212716_10205647465505159_6337933552854420584_n is also encouragement in academic excellence, social and recreational involvement and the opportunity to network.

However, the best part is the amazing college memories you will make. Being Greek allows students to create a home away from home.

Recruitment is a very exciting time for our chapter, and we are looking forward to meeting you during Recruitment! It is a week long mutual selection process consisting of four rounds, where potential new members have the opportunity to meet with sisters from each sorority. Alpha Chi Omega offers potential new members bids based on the five standards of Alpha Chi Omega: academic interest, character, financial responsibility, leadership and personal development. Alpha Chi Omega wishes you the best of luck with recruitment!

“During my time as the Vice President of Recruitment for Alpha Chi Omega, I have been amazed at the genuine sisterhood that is displayed, not only during the time of Recruitment, but year round as sisters continuously strive to live through their values day to day. My committee and I are optimistic and have high expectations for our formal Recruitment in the upcoming Fall semester. This process provides a time to not only focus on the women who are joining our values and sisterhood, but it creates an environment where current members have the opportunity to strengthen and create friendships. Fall Recruitment is a time to reach out and extend the sisterhood that so many women stand by to a new member class of close to 100 girls. The ability to grow as a chapter alongside new faces that will create leadership, academic growth, and philanthropic ideals only proves that the members of Alpha Chi Omega will continue to be real strong women!”

Emily Malcom, Vice President of Recruitment

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13094222_10156935799790473_1538414005934982183_nALUMNAE: Alpha Chi Omega has made the shift to an online recommendation form.

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3. Log in with your Username and Password. If you do not know your username or password, find “forgot password” or “how to log in”
4. Once you follow your respective link, there will be instructions on how to proceed. If you do not have an account and need to create one, follow the instructions under “Register” located at the top right of the page.