Current Parents

Congratulations on your daughters membership in Alpha Chi Omega! At Alpha Chi Omega, we’re about finding and shaping Real, Strong Women. That’s been our slogan since our rebranding in 2008. It’s been our reality since 1885. What does that mean to you and the young woman you care deeply about?

It means she gets to be part of an organization where she can be herself, where she can learn how to make the most of her life, where she can realize her greatest potential in her way (not someone else’s).  She will gain the encouragement, inspiration, fun and friendship of 200,000+ other real, strong women at her side. She will be part of a four-year collegiate learning and leadership program (My Journey) that supplements and complements what she’ll get from her college and the university. And last but certainly not least, her membership will give her opportunities for lifetime leadership and engagement with Real, Strong, Women who are making a difference for themselves, their fellow members, and the world around them.

We recognize that the parents of Alpha Chi Omega’s play an integral role in the lives of their daughters, and for many the “Greek world” can be somewhat foreign. Our goal is to include you in your daughters collegiate experience on a variety of levels. By providing a sampling of “Greek terms” below we hope you can engage in conversation with your daughter regarding her collegiate Greek experience. The chapter also co-maintains a blog in partnership with the Xi Omega Xi Beta Eta Virtual Alumnae Chapter, we encourage parents to check frequently, for collegiate and alumnae happenings.

Family Weekend

The chapter also hosts Family weekend in the fall and we alternate between a Dad’s Weekend and a Mom’s Weekend spring semester each year. The ladies of the Beta Eta Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega at Florida State look  forward to welcoming you into their “home” away from home during these weekends. Save the date for Fall 2020 Parents Weekend, (TBA) and we will also host activities for families in conjunction with FSU’s Homecoming (TBA). We hope the options provide families with many chances to visit the chapter and enjoy the hospitality.

“Greek Terms”

  • Sorority – A group of women banded together for social and educational purposes.
  • Alpha Chi Omega– The first musical fraternity founded on October 15, 1885 by seven students in the school of music at Deapauw University in Greencastle , Indiana . Alpha Chi Omega promotes an appreciation of the fine arts and its motto is “Together Let Us Seek the Heights.” Alpha Chi Omega stand for “The first and last such fraternity.”
  • Sister– A term used within a women’s fraternity when referring to other initiated members.
  • Bid– A formal invitation to join a sorority.
  • Badge– A pearled golden lyre worn by initiated members of Alpha Chi Omega who are in good standing.
  • Lyre– The instrument of the Greek gods, the symbol and badge of Alpha Chi Omega
  • Chapter– The local group of a national sorority.
  • Ritual– The traditional, sacred ceremonies of a chapter, which are usually secret.
  • Initiation– The ceremony in which a new member becomes a full active member.
  • Legacy– A potential member who has a relative that is a member of a sorority.
  • Hera– Greek goddess and patron goddess of Alpha Chi Omega
  • Hera Day– March 1, a day recognized by Alpha Chis to give personal service for the happiness and well-being of others.
  • Philanthropy– Community service and fundraising efforts to promote human welfare. Alpha Chi Omega’s philanthropy is the fight against domestic violence.
  • Mystagogue– An initiated member assigned to a new member to be her guide and counselor in all matters pertaining to the sorority.
  • Macdowell Month– A month to celebrate the fine arts in honor of the MacDowell Colony which was Alpha Chi Omega’s first altruistic project, an artist’s colony in Peterborough, New Hampshire.
  • Hazing– Persecuting or harassing with humiliating tasks, words, or actions.
  • Dues– Fees for a sorority membership.
  • New Member– The title given to a potential member from the time she accepts a bid until the time she is actually initiated.
  • New Member Education– A period of time spent learning about sorority life prior to initiation.
  • Membership Criteria– Academic Interest, Character, Financial Responsibility, Leadership Ability, and Personal Development; the foundation upon which membership in Alpha Chi Omega is based.
  • Membership Status– One’s standing with the sorority.
  • Panhellenic– The governing body for the 26 National women’s sororities.